Sleep Is Death

Here at I Am A Taco we like to support indie games and indie developers.

That is a picture from Jason Rohrer’s Sleep Is Death. It’s a nun shooting two guys in a church. This is what happens when you go to church. Pretty neat if you ask me. From what I gather Sleep Is Death is a super innovative two player sandbox type game.

It looks quite fun. I want to play it and I’m in luck! Jason Rohrer has graciously decided to adopt the pay whatever you want model. He was originally charging 20 dollars for this game, but now you can pay what you want and you get TWO COPIES. One for you and one for a friend. I am buying it so I have a copy to give to someone. Tell me if you want the copy.

Before taking the plunge you should click through this: What is Sleep Is Death?

I am still kind of confused about it, but when we play this game with each other think of the possibilities!

Here is what someone at RPS said when he played it: RPS

Okay this is the link to the site where you pay for the game and download it.

Click here and scroll down!

Post download edit:

This is going to take some figuring out. One person controls everything that happens behind the scenes in the game while the other just moves and talks and interacts. So you make your own stories. Then the controller has 30 seconds to react by manipulating the scene. It’s pretty cool. I need someone to try it with. There are tutorial videos - I watched the first one and it made some things make some sense. Videos. I did this.

Second post download edit:

You’re probably going to want to wait to download this unless you are super interested in working at it with me because it’s going to take some time before it gets fun. Or download it anyway and mess around with it. It was a nice thought. I still want someone to play with. There are a million user created images and scenes to download, so that is cool.

This about sums it all up.

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